05 May 2010

Oh Where, Oh Where Could it Be?!

It's amazing how much to miss something little when you can no longer find it around the house.

This evening, it was in it's rightful place. I was tending to dinner, as well as the devil pup. She was content. I was content. Daddy was in the livingroom, he, too, content.

We ate. Cleaned up. And thats when we realized it was missing.

I looked.

And looked.

And looked.

Under blankets. In the laundry basket. On the changing table. In the bathroom. On our bed. In the crib. The livingroom floor. In the toy box. Under the recliner and the couch. In the cushions. Everywhere in the kitchen. The washer. The dryer. The garbage can, even.

No where.

I dug out a spare and put it to use,  but was still determined to find the original.

Finally, after looking high and low, and giving up, I found it. Thrown in a small hole on the end of our kitchen island.

What were we missing?!

Baby's pacifier!

Cannot live without it these days!


  1. HA! I was wondering what it would be. I know that search all too well. Good luck trying to take those darn things away. My 3 year old, when she turned 2 we tried taking them right after moving (which I wouldn't recommend) and told her we must have left them at Nana and Papa's house. Our youngest just hit 20 months so its high time to get rid of the binky with her too. She has 5 left that we can occasionally find, but they suddenly go missing at nap and bedtime :(