06 May 2010

Beautician, maybe?!

I think my daughter might dabble in beauty school when she gets older.

Only -- she wont be your run-of-the-mill stylist who cuts and dyes and trims your bangs. Oh no -- she'll create modern art with her styles. They will take pictures and frame them and gasp with awe at the outrageous hair-do's she comes up with.

They will wonder where she got her talents -- and take it from me, it wasn't from her Mama!

She may not make it her career ... but it stands a good chance of being something she at least does for awhile. Know how I know?!

Because she's already working on her craft!

Every morning when we are playing on the living room floor, she gets super excited. I bend to kiss her belly, give her raspberries, or tickle her, and she giggles. Throws her hands in my hair and PULLS! until she cant stand it! She never just pulls it out completely -- she always has to do something "avante garde".

So maybe she'll be a teacher. Or a politician. A bus driver. A nurse. A lawyer. A mom. A baker. A singer. Who knows ... maybe she'll be the first woman president. But maybe, just maybe ... she'll dabble in hair design. And then I can say that I was one of her very first clients!


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