02 May 2010

Foot Fetish

Most kids go through the foot-eating phase. Its only natural.

But I'm not sure Devil Pup is following a normal "trend" when it comes to discovery and feet. Lately, not only has she been after her own toes, but anyone else's she can get her hands on. God forbid we sit down within reach. She will roll over to them and grab ahold, doing anything she can to try and get them into her mouth.

If she can't get them in her mouth, she runs her fingers through them and plays. Tickles you. Tries to see if there is anything in there she can dig out. She's just fascinated by them. If she's sitting in her bouncy chair, and within eyeshot of a pair of feet, she will crane her neck and try to flip around just to get a closer look.

I don't know what started this. And I can definitely tell you -- its not "genetic". I don't enjoy feet, and mine are quite ticklish, so I hate to really have them touched [unless, of course, its for a pedicure, but thats a whole other story!]. And Daddy is the same way. Although his are callused from wearing combat boots all day, his toes are quite ticklish [and stinky] and he doesn't like anyone to go near them.

Not sure where my daughter gets it, but it looks like she has a true foot fetish. Will she grow out of it?! Only time will tell!


  1. Haha, she is precious. I think her fascination is funny/cute. Lol. I bet you she will grow out of it.

    -- The Civilian