25 April 2010

Home Again!

The Devil Pup and I made it home safely from our trip up north!

Maine was a blast! The grandparents spoiled the Devil Pup, as is par for the course. Pup did wonderful on the airplane, too. I was incredibly surprised -- she napped during take off and landing, and just wanted to look out the window the whole time in the air. She flirted and tried to share her pacifier with anyone willing to talk to her!

We saw a lot of family, a few friends, ate a lot of good food, and enjoyed our time. Short,  but sweet.

I was able to go to a few craft classes with my mother -- a nice little night out without the pup. Grandpa stayed at home and watched her, playing with all her toys and letting her nap on him all night long.

She charmed the pants off everyone that crossed her path, and everyone fell in love with her.

But then again, how can you not?!


  1. Welcome home!!!! It's always so great to be with family..and to be spoiled!!!!