20 April 2010

Hello from Maine!

The devil-pup and I made it to Maine safely on Saturday! She did wonderful on the plane!

She napped during both take-offs and landings ... and the whole time in the air, she just wanted to look out the window and try to grab the fluffy clouds! Grandma and Grandpa were waiting for us in the airport -- and couldnt wait to scoop little devil pup up!! They have been spoiling her with attention ever since!!

The weather here is nice -- a little cooler than we are used to in North Carolina -- but still enjoyable. The sun is actually out today ... so it just might turn up gorgeous!

We've been catching up with family and friends so far this week ... and Grandma and I left the devil pup with Grandpa last night to attend a Stampin' Up party. Tonight is the same routine ... only this time, its a scrapbooking class! Should be tons of fun, and its nice to get out a little bit with other people who enjoy the same hobbies that I do. I dont have anyone in North Carolina to craft with ... or any places I know to take some classes of that sort, either!

The rest of the week is going to fly by, Im sure. We're going to do a little shopping, visit with my brother, and have four generations all in one room for the first time!! That will be nice. We fly back to North Carolina -- and the warmer climate -- on Saturday, where Daddy is anxiously waiting for us! He says he misses us like crazy, even though he's at work all week. So much so that he took leave when we get back to spend lots of time loving on us! Cant wait!

Pictures to come when we get back home!


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