16 April 2010

Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed

I woke up feeling well-rested this morning.

Because Devil Pup slept great, for once, last night. Granted, it was a chore getting her to sleep ... but once she was out, we barely heard a peep from her.

We came to Jacksonville to visit with Daddy for the night. As the Pup and I are leaving bright and early Saturday morning on the airplane. Destination: Maine!! So we wanted a little extra loving time with Daddy before we say goodbye for a week.

We went out to eat and then took Pup to see the animals at the pet store. She liked looking at the puppies -- but was more interested in their toys. Until she laid eyes on the kittens. She loved them! I had Daddy take one out so she could pet it ... and she was stroking his head and back, and being really gentle. Until she leaned over and tried to eat the poor kitty!

All that playing must have worn her out, however. She fell asleep in the truck on the way back to base. And was almost completely knocked out after I nursed her. Just as I was about to lay her down to bed, at 9pm -- a full hour later than normal bedtime -- Daddy walked into the room chatting away.

She heard his voice and BOOM! she was wide awake. I got her calmed down again, and he talked some more! Ugh! I love him to death ... and love that he loves us so much. But cant he whisper?! At that point she was so wide awake she wanted to play and eat her feet and giggle, blow spit bubbles ... anything but sleep. After laying with her, while Daddy proceeded to fall asleep, I decided to try and comfort nurse her again. And luckily it did the trick.

She was rubbing her eyes in no time, and asleep like an angel shortly after that. 10pm. About time!! She woke up once around 3am for a feeding ... and then woke up with Daddy at 6am. I fed her, but she was more interested in what Daddy was doing, and where Daddy was going [to work!]. She kept diving after him, obviously wanting him to take her wherever he went! Too bad the Marines dont have "Bring your daughter to work day" --because I could have used a little breather!


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