14 April 2010

Good Eats

I don't know where she inherited her great palate ...

...because Daddy Devil Dog and myself both tend to be picky when it comes to the things we should be eating. Neither of us like carrots. He likes brussel sprouts and greens ... I hate them. I like green beans and peas. He's not much of a fan. I enjoy mango ... he can't stand it. And I only enjoy bananas on toast ... while he'll eat anything banana flavored!

Our devil pup?

So far, she's proving to be one heck of a good eater.

Against some people's judgement, I started devil pup on food at five months ... and jumped right into it. I didnt spend the first month or so on just cereal. I didnt do vegetables first in hopes that fruit wouldnt spoil her. I did what I felt was best for her.

She eats rice cereal. Loves bananas and peaches. And just this evening, I gave her sweet potatoes for the first time.

I baked the potato in the oven this morning. Just long enough that it was soft, and the peel fell right off. I mashed it up and refrigerated it until she was ready to eat. Gave her two TBSP of cereal and two TBSP of the sweet potato ... both mixed with a bit of breastmilk to make them a little runny.

She *loved* them!

Must be the southerner in her ... because I cant stand the taste ... smell ... color of them. Nothing about them screams appetizing to me! Maybe she will be a good eater! I did spend a lot of my pregnancy eating tons of fruit ... and cut-up raw veggies! In fact, its all I ate for a good majority of the pregnancy!

Lets just hope she has this same enthusiasm about the rest of the fruits and veggies.


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