29 April 2010

A Day at the Park

It was gorgeous outside today.

And with Daddy Devil Dog home on leave, we were all sitting around the livingroom, wondering what to do with ourselves. Especially since it's the day before payday ... and like many other military families out there, we didnt have much money to our names.

Just down the road is a cute little park and play area that Daddy grew up playing in, himself. I threw the suggestion out there to take Devil Pup to the park, and bring the stroller along, just so we all could get some fresh air, and maybe a little exercise.

We all had a good time.

Granted, Devil Pup is still a little too small, and too young, to know whats going on. Or to really play around on the equipment. But I took her down the slides, and she giggled the whole way. We pushed her in the swings, and she laughed and smiled and had a blast. She was a happy girl the whole afternoon!

And she just loves to be outside!

This makes two days in a row of lots of nice warm weather, and [free] outdoor activities, since we went fishing yesterday, as well!


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