12 September 2014

Kiddo Cutes

L has officially "joined the mix" -- and every day, I find myself in a fit of giggles over his budding personality. He's becoming more and more of our "class clown" type, and less serious, as long as we're at home. I can't wait for him to really open up and let other people see the silly side of him! Its just too cute! And of course, there's never any question that something is going to come out of S's mouth that will leave me silent, or questioning where she learned that from. Lately, its been random movies, friends at church and "it just fell out of the sky" type situations. She always leaves me in stitches!


when i was trying to get her to choose between two different tasks:
S: ugh, mom ... would you just chill and let me make a decision?

talking with his Mimi:
Mimi: this ring Papa gave me when we got engaged ... and this one when we got married.
L: uh huh.
Mimi: and do you remember what Papa said when he gave me this ring?
L: he gonna poop on your face!!

at dinner time:
S: *cough*
S: ooh. my throat didn't like that food ...

when hearing his daddy snoring:
L: daddy sounds like a dinosaur

while taking a break from playing:
S: don't touch my stuff, Mom. Something is downloading ...

when getting told no for the millionth time:
Mom: no, L!
L: please don't tell me no, okay?!


Oh, these kids -- there's really never a dull moment. And they may not always be sunshine and roses ... but at least they are never quiet, that's for sure!


  1. Haha why don't you chill?! That is pretty funny.

  2. These types of posts are my favorite blog posts. I love reading "kids say the darndest things" posts! lol. They always put a smile on my face.

  3. Hahaha! That is quite the marriage proposal! ;-)