16 September 2014

I Have Kids: Who Needs An Alarm Clock?!

It never fails -- just as I get used to something, it goes and changes on me.

Not that I have anything against change. I'm actually one of those people who looks forward to it -- and don't like things to stay the same for very long. It would probably explain why we've lived in 4 houses in the past 6 years! Once I get feeling "settled" and "comfortable", I get tired of where we are and start looking for something new and different.

This time, though, the change is killing me. Or at least, its robbing me of my sanity.

You see, for the longest time, my kids were both the type to sleep until 7 or 8am. Daily. No matter what time they went to bed. No matter where we were at - home or on vacation. We've actually had to force them awake in years past on Christmas morning to get them to start opening their gifts.

And then one day ... it all changed. They started waking up earlier -- and I had just gotten used to a 630am wake up call from BOTH of my kids. I had gotten into a routine of getting everyone breakfast, popping in either Monsters University or Frozen {the two movies on repeat around here lately} and getting my morning cleaning and a shower taken care of so we could have the rest of the day to play outside and run any errands.

Now ... just as I was getting used to them getting up that early, L decided he wanted to switch things up even more. And for the past few days, without fail, he's been getting up at 530am. I usually can manage to convince him to stay in bed for another 20 minutes, at most,  but even that can be a fight as he's protesting, and telling me he'd rather sleep in my bed. We all know he's not really going to go to sleep again, though.

And as much as I enjoy waking up a little early, I do it for one reason only: to enjoy the quiet of the house before everyone else wakes up.

I'm really hoping this is a short phase -- and not something I have to get used to. My fear is that if I DO get used to it, he'll just change it up once more, and start waking up even earlier. Something I definitely would have to fight, tooth and nail!

Are you an early riser? Or do you enjoy sleeping in until later hours of the day?!


  1. OH NO! My girls were at 6:30 for a while, but lately they're closer to 7:30. V came in a minute before my alarm today.. I wish I could sleep later!

  2. My son gets up at 6...and will whine for...oh....an hour...before I get him...lol. I need my sleep.