23 September 2014

Cast and Lose Bait?!

We baited our hooks with shrimp and mullet. We found a good spot on the sound, cast out into the water and waited. The line would jiggle a little, we'd jerk, and wait. Another little wiggle, and we'd start reeling the line in. By the time we got it out of the water, either the bait was gone, or it was nibbled by the smaller bait fish in the shallow water, without a trace of anything on the line. We hooked into two fish the whole weekend. The most success we had was actually in LOSING our rigs. At final count, we lost 4 rigs to the bottom of the sound. But you know what? We still had a good time -- regardless of how bored the kids might tell you they were!

I may not be a pro when it comes to fishing, but I can definitely see why some people love it to much -- it was incredibly relaxing! Just being able to sit there, quiet, focusing on what you might or might not be feeling or seeing -- you really have to pay attention. All else slips away.

M says he won't be letting me fish with him for awhile; apparently I'm not an easy student. Maybe he's just not an easy teacher?! Either way ... maybe I'll stick to pond fishing for a bit. Or cheaper rigs/bobbers! Ha!


  1. I really want to go fishing haha. I loved going as a kid.