14 August 2014

Post Crossing

I've always wanted to be able to travel. To see the world, and all the beautiful sights it has to offer. But as many people know, and understand, when you have young kids, sometimes, traveling the world over isn't exactly feasible. And that doesn't even touch on the subject of how expensive it is to go and see and do. All the time.

So recently, I found a way to get to know other people all over the world, while seeing what their home towns look like, the sights, the landscape, the people, and the heritage. Enter: PostCrossing.

Essentially, Post Crossing is a website that connects people from all over the world, swapping mailing addresses every time you are ready to send out a new post card to someone from anywhere in the world. I was excited to find this website, and looked forward to learning about so many new and different places.

The day my very first postcard arrived in the mail, it was a beautiful illustrated card from the Ukraine. As the days and weeks went by, the cards slowly started to trickle in, from places like Moscow, Sydney, Germany, the Netherlands, and Taiwan. Each card a snippet into the lives of individuals, a picture of where they are from and how they carry on their every day lives. Each card just as fun and beautiful as the next.

Now, every time I walk to the mailbox, I get a little excited -- never knowing exactly when a card will arrive, or where it will be coming from.

Have you ever sent postcards all around the world?


  1. This is such a cool idea! I love it. ;)

  2. I love Postcrossing! There's another site similar called Swapbot where you can exchange postcards.