15 August 2014

Kiddo Cutes

I love it lately -- not only is S spouting off her usual silliness, but L is joining in on the fun, as well. The more and more he talks, the funnier the things get that come out of his mouth. He really is our funny-man ... and I have no doubt that in the classroom setting, he is most likely going to be the comedian, the class clown, if you will. As long as he puts his schoolwork first, I have absolutely no problem with him being the one that keeps his friends {and teachers} laughing, never knowing what he's going to say next. As for S, she's going to be our chatty Cathy, I am sure. Much like her mother, her report cards will always note: "Great student ... but she talks too much in class." Apple doesn't fall far, does it?! Here are some of their latest funnies:


when looking at the blueberries on mom's pancakes:
S: hey look, those look flower-y. or church-y. ya know ... like the pope's thing-y.

while driving to church one sunday morning:
song on the radio: tomorrow's another day // im thirsty anyway ... // so bring on the rain!
S: what?! she doesn't have a kitchen sink?!

while coloring together early one morning:
S to L: you, my boy, are a dinger! do you know that?!

while rubbing my early morning legs on the couch
L: oh! mama! whats on your legs?!

while racing me back to the house:
L: i am {*huff and puff*} super fast {*huff and puff*} just like ... SUPERMAN!


I love these silly kids -- and the funny things that come out of their mouths!