21 July 2014

A Laid Back Kind of Weekend

I've really gotten used to these laid-back, no-plans, stay-at-home kind of weekends we've been having lately. While normally I would love to get out and about, as I am *not* a homebody, the weather has cooperated for the most part, and there is always plenty of cleaning around here to do to keep me busy if I should get "bored". So, we kept the pattern going this weekend, and outside of church, and a couple minor errands, stuck around the house. We played outside and enjoyed the cool, breezy weather. We played in the sand. We cleaned and watched movies. And Sunday?! Well, Sunday we did NOTHING. We went to church, visited my father-in-law at work, and all napped in the afternoon. No cleaning. No nothing. It was nice! But today is Monday ... which means back to "normal" -- cleaning, errands, and Lord knows what else!


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed the weekend! I love days where I do nothing.