15 April 2014

What Matters Most

Sometimes, its the little things in life that excite you the most. It might be a sunny day, ocean water lapping against the sandy shore, a glass of sweet tea on a hot summer evening. It might be the sound of rain on a metal roof, the first snowfall of the winter season, or the first time you slip on sandals after the winter has retired.

To our little ones, its climbing into the "big car" to go for a ride, being up so high that they can see everything passing by. Looking out the window at the other cars and motorcycles. Rolling the window down, only for a moment, to feel the breeze.

To our little ones, its stopping at a gas station to get a treat. Sharing a soda with a straw, stretching their legs and looking at all the goodies stocked on those convenient shelves, candy and cookies always at their eye level. Its finding a table outside, in the sun, to enjoy a Rice Krispy Treat, the sticky marshmallow lining their lips and hands.

To our little ones, it's pulling into the airport, knowing exactly why we are there, and where we are going. Watching the large planes taking off down the runway, landing and taxiing to their gates. Its parking in the dark garage, getting to ride up a floor on the elevator, and anticipating leaving because it means riding up the escalator!

To our little ones, its standing at the exit sign, watching the arrival screen, seeing the flight light up as it lands. Its seeing their loved ones walk across the monitor, and knowing that in just a few short moments, they will really be "here", and then running to the waiting area to get that first hug and hello.

To our little ones, its seeing the ones they loved, the ones they have missed every day for months, the ones that are now here in their arms, hugging and loving them.

To our little ones, its all about the little moments! Those are what make the biggest impact!


  1. This post made me cry (in a good way). Your kids will cherish those memories just as much as you do!

  2. :) The little moments certainly are the best!

  3. Sometimes, I wish I could see the world through the eyes of a child!

  4. I started off craving sweet tea, and ended up in tears.. I took advantage of some of those little moments this evening. They make the biggest impact on me too!