17 April 2014

Easter Basket Blog Hop 2014

Today, I'm linking up with Sarah at Our Journey for her Easter Basket Blog Hop!

Each year, come Easter, the spring weather here in North Carolina is well underway. And the kids love to be outside. So I try to take advantage of that and replace most candy and sugary treats in our kids Easter Baskets for things they can be active with, and take outside. This year was no different. I did get a little carried away shopping the other day, and was just really having too much fun thinking of things they each really enjoy!

Each of the kids got similar items: bubbles, new sand toys for the beach, silly string {because I totally plan on throwing them in play clothes and letting them go wild on each other in the back yard one nice day!}, a new Easter book, some play doh, a few little treats -- a candy bunny and a few jelly beans, and most importantly, a new tooth brush. They are also both getting new camp chairs to have and bring with us when we are going anywhere outdoors: parades, cookouts, camping. I know they will love them!

What are you putting in your kids baskets? Come on over and link up with us! 


  1. I love the baskets, so many fun things.

  2. Bubbles is such a perfect item for baskets! Wish I would have thought of sand equipment! We don't have a 'real beach' like you, but hey, we have Lake Erie's beach! :)

  3. Super cute!! I love silly string- that's perfect!

  4. I haven't even started. I plan on doing it this weekend...and now...thanks to your blog post...I have some ideas!

  5. Love the silly string idea!!
    We never got baskets growing up, so I've never really done them.. :/