09 December 2013

Good Monday Morning!

Happy Monday! 

Is is just me -- or did the weekend really seem to fly by? Or maybe its just looking back, because really, Saturday was the day that never seemed to end around these parts. I guess that's because of the weather, and the attitudes "enjoyed" by all. Oh well ... its over. Its done. The weekend has come to a close. 

Thanks to some real flip-floppy weather, we didn't really get to do a whole lot. We had a few things planned, and wound up cancelling on most of it. 

Saturday morning was full of a lot of temper tantrums -- from both kids and adults, it seems. We were supposed to head to a birthday party, but given the downpour of rain, the suddenly freezing cold temps out, and the fact that both of the kids were coming down with a yucky cold, I pulled us out of that obligation. I feel bad -- still -- but not only did I not feel like driving a half hour in that weather with screaming kids, I also didn't want them to spread their germs around to a bunch of their friends. We ran to the store, instead, grabbed a few things we needed, and came right back home for lunch and more relaxation. 

And we spent the rest of the day in the house, too. 

Sunday morning, the kids and M were going to the later service at church. M's grandfather was coming to town to see where we attend service, and I had to head to the airport to pick up family. It provided just the right amount of a little break for this mama -- enough time to clear my head, blast come music and sing at the top of my lungs, if I wanted.

Got there just in the right amount of time, picked them up, and met everyone back at Cracker Barrel for a late lunch. The kids were great -- must have been my reward for handling Saturday! And they were excited to see family, too. Which is always nice. 

And again, we spent the rest of the evening relaxing around at home. We played, cooked some dinner, played some more, colored a little bit, and snuggled on the couch with an evening cartoon. The perfect way to wind down the weekend. 

This week, we're just going to try and enjoy family being here. I need to finish up some Christmas shopping, too. We have a couple cooking projects to work on, and a Christmas lights display to attend. Overall, its going to be a fun week. 

How was your weekend, friend? 


  1. Our weekend was ok but definitely went too fast too.

  2. This weekend went by so fast it was crazy!