22 October 2013

A Part of My Childhood is Retiring?!

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I remember being a young girl -- and lusting over the dolls from American Girl. There was no more iconic "toy" or doll from my childhood ... and now it's coming full circle. 

My 3 year old has recently discovered the American Girl catalog -- and loves to spend her time flipping through the pages, lusting after these beautifully created dolls, their story, and their finely woven wardrobes. 

Who would have thought, that something I dreamed owning about for so long {and never got, mind you!} would still be around today ... and become something that my daughter, too, is dreaming about ... but may never own? 

When a catalog came in the mail the other day, I sat down and flipped through it -- looking to remember a little bit of my childhood. 

Can I just say -- I was incredibly sad! 

It seems now that the focus of the dolls is on making and creating a doll that resembles you -- your skin tone, features, glasses or freckles if you have them ... the list goes on. Long hair, short hair, dark, curly ... pet or no pet. And the wardrobe is full of current styles. 

Now, don't get me wrong. I think its great that there are so many options ... and that EVERY little girl out there can finally have {or lust after} a doll that looks JUST LIKE HER. 

But the original dolls? The dolls that taught girls what life was like at different periods of history -- the dolls that opened girls eyes to different lifestyles, and showed them that learning could be fun? Those dolls are getting retired. 

Sure they have some newer dolls. And occasionally they introduce a new "girl of history"... but it seems like the new ones are "current" girls. The 1970's ... even Saige, the girl of today. They come with a story ... but there isn't as much of a history lesson. 

Instead, they've taken the Revolutionary fighter, the Immigrant Swede Daughter, the Well To Do 1900's socialite and the World War Two darling girls ... and retired them. 

Which makes me sad. 

Those dolls? Were what started it all ... And a big part of what made me really love history ... and learning. Now? They are gone. 

I've found the books on Amazon ... and have every intention of buying ALL the sets for S, when she gets just a little bit older. To sit with her in bed at night and read a chapter -- watch her eyes light up as we delve into the history of what girls experienced BEFORE her time ... 

To me, that was the magic of childhood. Those American Girls. 

And now, they may be gone, but not forgotten. In our home, the originals will live on ... 


  1. Seriously?! I hate the ones that look like you! I always wanted one, but I also loved the historic ones. Glad I still have my Molly! I might go buy another. I loved reading those catalogues as a kid!

  2. i think the historic ones are amazing!

  3. I remember spending so much time looking through the magazine and marking everything I wanted! I dont have any little girls to pass them down to yet but have my american girl doll all ready =)I have a giveaway going on, would love for you to check it out, today’s the last day to enter! http://thediaryofarealhousewife.blogspot.com