09 September 2013

5 for Five

Happy Monday! 

What a long week last week was. I don't think we've been so "on the go" in such a long time, and not for good or enjoyable reasons, either. 

Tuesday afternoon, my husband's Grandmother took her final breath, so we spent much of last week preparing for, and then holding, visiting hours, a graveside burial, and a funeral service. All of which was an hour away from our house -- close enough not to need to spend the night several nights, but far enough away that we are over being in the car for awhile! 

Friday we spent the day remembering her with all of our family. By the time we all got back to our house Friday evening, we were exhausted. 

So Saturday morning, although it meant more driving, was very much needed. 

{All the older girl cousins with T. for her birthday}

Once again, we piled in the car and drove. Another hour. In a different direction. To another family member's house. Only this time, we were all there happily -- to eat, and laugh, relax, and enjoy. We had a great brunch with 11 kids gathered around one children's table. Then spent the rest of the day watching those same kids run around the back yard, bounce upstairs to the family bar, coloring, dragging toys around, and raising cain. 

And raising voices. The loudest giggles I've heard in a long time. 

It was nothing if not sweet music to us all. A message: life goes on. You remember. You love ... but you also continue to live. 

{Pictured are 8 of the 11 kids present Saturday. All together, there are technically 10 great-grandkids and 3 step-great-grandkids! Thanksgiving will be a blast!} 

Again it was a late evening, and once we got home, after another day of no naps, our kids were ready for an easy dinner, a bath and bed time. 

Sunday morning brought church, sunshine, and relaxation.


Forgive me for saying this -- but I am HAPPY to see Monday come around this week. A new beginning ... and time to get back into a regular routine after our shake-up over the past couple weeks. 

And since we had no goals this week, we are also starting fresh there! This week's goals are: 

1. Gather all of the kids too-small-for-them cold weather clothes to prepare for the consignment sale. 

2. Catch up on folding and taking care of all the clean laundry sitting around our laundry room. 

3. Finally get to my dentist appointment {I've had to reschedule the last 3 times!} 

4. Get back to the gym -- its been a few weeks, because of vehicle issues and trying to save some money. So I'm looking forward to hitting the weights again. 

5. Have a fun day with the kids. Friday is planned for a quick breakfast out, and then the Tumble Gym with some of our MOPS group. I'm really hoping they *love* it! 

What are your goals this week? 


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