12 August 2013

5 for Five

Monday morning, people!

And things are going to start looking a little differently now, at the beginning of the week. Not only did the original bloggers who started the 5 for Five link-up take the summer off, but now one of the blogs has gone completely private. So I won't be linking up anymore ... but, as I've said before, this list, published for everyone to see, somehow keeps me accountable. I don't always have the best weeks, but those bad weeks push me to do better next time.

So from now on, we'll do the typical weekend recap, and at the end of each post, a quick rundown on how the previous week went, and our goals for the next week.

This weekend was a strange one -- originally, it was supposed to be just the kids and I, as M was supposed to head out of town for a Bachelor Party and a weekend wedding a couple hours away. At the last minute, he opted not to go, so we spent the weekend at home. We got some yard work done, spent time with the kids, and went to church on Sunday -- overall it was a nice, albeit hot, weekend! 

Last week's goals were: 

1. Read more of this new book
2. Find some blank cards that I love to use as birthday cards
3. Print some pictures to mail to my brothers of the kids
4. Clean out the medicine cabinet
5. Go out with the family for ice cream

1/5 ... The book that I was reading? Well ... I just couldn't get into it. So my birthday gift from my brother couldn't get here fast enough. Still Standing is already an amazing story -- and a lot more my speed! So technically, I did read quite a bit, it just wasn't the book I had set for my goal. Otherwise, I got very little done!

Onto this week's goals:

1. Finish reading my book
2. Start getting a binder of stuff printed for our at-home preschool
3. Figure out what's wrong with the H3
4. Mail Cards/Pictures to my brothers
5. Have a Date out with M

What are your goals this week?


  1. So glad you had a nice weekend, I'm sure it was nice to have M home.

  2. Yay for a date this week! That's really nice that he stayed home! (:
    Where are you getting your preschool stuff from? Even though V should be starting this week, I'd like to do some work with Adri.