09 July 2013

Storytime with Nanny Belle

Recently, we started heading to the library for kids' story time!

And what better time to do it than just in time for their kick off to summer reading program?!

Each week, the kids color little pictures on a sheet for every 15 minutes they read during the week. They get to write down what their favorite book was that week, and keep a tally of how many books overall they read, as well.

On Tuesdays, we head to the library. All the kids gather around Nanny Belle on the story mat and listen to two stories based on that week's theme. They get coloring pages and a project to do that also goes along with it.

Usually they do a little marching parade as well -- shaking tambourines or clapping their hands while they march around and sing.

Sometimes they have special guests, like Sparky the Fire Dog and members of the Fire Department. As well as the Summer Reading Fairy Princess!

Before they leave each week, the kids get a lollipop and a sticker as a reward for sitting quietly and listening, as well as completing their projects. They get a chance to explore the rest of the library, looking at books, playing on the computers and running around like kids do.

And then they get to go home and start recording their readings for the next week. Once the program is done at the end of July, they will wrap things up with a fun party, some prizes and gifts and a whole lot of happy kids!

Our kids have absolutely been loving it!!


  1. That's awesome! I love that there is stuff like this out there for kids. :)