11 July 2013

My Own Technology "Black Out"

Lately, I felt like I was getting burnt out.

I was on my phone texting, checking Instagram photos, posting my own, reading blogs, scrolling through Facebook, playing games.

When I heard a little voice say, "I just wanted you to play ... with me."

It hit me ... lately, I've been spending too much of my time on technology, and not enough "active" time with the kids. Not enough time on the floor pushing trucks around. Pretending to be Barbie or a Princess. Not enough time curled up on the couch with a little one, watching cartoons and Disney movies, or reading stories and giggling.

Just ... not enough time.

So I vowed to take that time back. To give technology a rest. At least one weekend a month -- the first weekend every month. A refresher.

This past weekend was the first of many technology black-outs around our house. How did we spend it?!

We went to the gym early in the morning, followed by running a few errands around town. We played with dolls and play food.

We swam in the pool.

We tried new recipes full of farm fresh goodies -- stuffed sweet banana peppers, creamy corn and zucchini, and blackberry cobbler. Yum.

[No worries -- the spare tank is completely empty, and sitting there to remind us to have it filled!]

We lit some leftover sparklers one evening, thanks to my Father in Law.

We even had a play-date with some friends.

Regardless of how big or small our plans were, we were all together, playing and spending our time. And all without checking Facebook on our phones, flipping open a laptop, or scrolling through a Kindle.

This will definitely be something we do a LOT more often!


  1. I feel the same way. I was even thinking about taking a daily break, I'm honestly too consumed.

  2. How awesome! I love that you have a technology blackout every month. :)

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