02 July 2013

Cool Babies Drool

Recently, I won an online giveaway over at Kaitlyn's blog, Wifessionals.

Lately, she's been doing a "50 Days of Supporting Small Businesses" with the emphasis on baby and children's gear.

Was I ever surprised when I opened my email to find out that I had one one of them! A cute bib of my choice from Cool. Babies. Drool.

disclosure: I received this product from winning a giveaway. I was not asked to write a review, or speak about the business. But I loved the product so much, I wanted to spread the word. All opinions are my own. 

My own kids are getting older now, and bib-wearing is starting to fall by the wayside. But my best friend is currently pregnant -- and since hers will be the closest things to nieces or nephews that I will ever have, I plan on spoiling those babies ROTTEN!

Since she chose not to find out the gender until the baby is born, I looked through the selection of bibs on Cool Babies Drool, and was so excited to find a sock monkey bib. They are planning on doing a vintage circus theme in the nursery, and what's not to love about sock monkeys?! Monkeys are at the circus, right?!

I recently got the bib in the mail -- and am so happy with it! Seriously -- the fabric is adorable. The soft backing is great for keeping baby's soft skin from getting irritated and rubbed when drooling, teething, or eating something messy.

And it's just going to look so cute on!

I love it!

And I love supporting small businesses! It's been my goal this year to buy all family birthday gifts from small businesses, and so far, we are rocking it!

Have any small businesses or shops you love to support? Let me know about them -- I'd love to check them out!!