03 July 2013

18 Months

My dear, sweet L:

I cannot believe that it is July already -- and here you are, a year and a half old already! You've started talking more, and communicating what it is you want or are thinking. Which we love! If you don't know the words to tell us, you have no problem grabbing our hand and dragging us to see what you want. You constantly ask to be picked up, too -- which is sweet to your mama! I love toting you around, most of the time. But little man -- you are starting to get heavy! Holding you on one hip while I try to cook dinner is getting more and more difficult these days!

This past month was pretty fun for us! It got hot ... and fast. So we spent most of our outside time trying to find the shade in the backyard, lounging in your little blow-up pool and running through the sprinkler. You still aren't the biggest fan of that. One day ... we'll get there. But you have enjoyed swimming in the heated pool at our gym. I guess warmer water is more your speed.

Speaking of the gym -- I am *so* proud of you. Since the first day that we dropped you off in the kids room, you never once cried as Mommy left. Granted, you have your sister in there, so its a little more familiar. But I was so worried that you would have a hard adjustment period. It helps that they have so many fun, different toys than what you are used to at home! And a whiteboard with markers -- that's been your favorite.

Each day, I ask the sitter how you were -- and it's always the same response! "They were good!" Although she does mention that you entertain yourselves, and Sister has been quick to add that its because you only play with each other, instead of immersing yourselves with the other kids. Hopefully soon, once you are used to a few more of their faces, you'll both warm up and play with everyone else.

Slow your growing, little man! Not only can my heart not take it, but neither can our grocery budget! As always, though, your Mama loves you!

Love, Mom