25 July 2013

Cara Box: July

Cara Box

For those that don't know, or don't participate, Cara Box is the wonderful brain child of Kaitlyn's [at Wifessionals] -- a themed box swap once a month that allows you to get to know two great bloggers you might not have otherwise met!

July's theme was perfect for the summer months: "Sail Away with Me" -- to include all things beachy and nautical! Who doesn't love navy blue and white stripes and anchors these days?! They are definitely on trend, and cute to boot -- so I had a lot of fun with this one!

This month, I was matched up with Cassie and Alyssa. Although I've never been partnered up with someone that I didn't click with, it really felt like I made a few new friends this month! It was great! As are both of these girls!

Cassandra sent me my wonderful box -- check out what she filled it with:

I am in love!! I mean, isn't that canvas going to look the cutest with those starfish attached??! I can't wait to use everything, and have fun making this land-locked area of ours feel a touch more summery/beachy for awhile before we can get back down to the sand and surf!


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