24 July 2013

A Boy with an Appetite

I've always been lucky -- both of my kids are pretty good eaters.

Although they may each have their moments, overall, they aren't really picky. They will eat what's in front of them without much complaint. But some days, I worry about L. That little boy is a bottomless pit.

As a mom, watching his appetite, I wonder a few things:

A.} Does he have a worm?! He will literally eat until you stop giving him food -- and he is still asking for more at that point. And then he throws a fit when he doesn't get anymore. It doesn't happen at all meals -- he will tell me "all done" as he throws his plate on the floor, but at least one time a day, he's begging for more. And more. And more.

B.} Am I going to wind up with that 70 lb 2-year old that you see on those trashy talk shows?! The ones whose mom's say the same thing I do "What if he's hungry? I'm not going to let my kid starve!" Now, there is a difference -- those poor kids are eating Big Macs and fried chicken, kool aid out of a bottle and a dozen fried eggs for breakfast. And L loves snacking on fruit. Bananas, especially. Since he's only in the 60th percentile for weight ... this is actually my least concern. But still -- what is up with all the eating, kid?

An average day for him:

8 am Breakfast: a scrambled egg, half a slice of bacon, a banana, a handful of grapes, and [on this day] a special treat -- half a raspberry sweet roll. {Typically, its the two fruits and a waffle, or a scrambled egg ... not both!}

1030 am Snack: A bag of fruit snacks

1215 pm Lunch: a snack-lunch of sliced ham, sliced cheese, whole wheat crackers, strawberries, raisins and a few tortilla chips with guacamole. As well as a cup of milk.

330 pm Snack: A banana or some peaches

530 pm Supper: Garlic/Scampi shrimp, whole wheat macaroni plain, and half a can of carrots. Plus a cup of milk.

And at dinner, if he sees the can of carrots, or that there are any more in the bowl, he will kick and scream if we don't give him a second serving. If he doesn't eat the pasta, or the meat, sometimes he'll eat a small cup of yogurt.

I feel better knowing that for the most part, he's getting really healthy choices: lean meats, fresh local fruits and vegetables. Minimal sugar. 1-2% milk instead of whole.

But my goodness! If this is how he is eating now, I can only imagine what our grocery bill is going to look like when he's 17!


  1. Haha my nephew is a bottomless pit, it's hilarious but he isn't obese.