30 July 2013

A Call From the Hot and Fresh Sign

The other weekend, we were bored.

We didn't really have any plans, and nothing that *needed* to get done ... but we didn't feel like just sitting around the house, either.

So we piled into the car and headed towards town. We took the back country roads, and enjoyed the drive, with no specific destination in sight.

Until we saw it.

That glowing, beckoning "Hot and Fresh" sign on the local Krispy Kreme.

M decided: That was what we were here for -- a treat. For the kids, you know?! Because all kids love donuts! And ours are no different.

We let them each pick out one. And only got enough to have for a snack there at the shop. There would be no bringing donuts home for us -- our waistlines clearly don't need them.

Those kids were in heaven -- we don't stop there very often, so when we do, its absolutely a treat.

And even better?! They were still pumping out fresh donuts behind the glassed partition, so the kids were able to watch the whole process, from rising to frying, glazing and cooling, and then onto boxing them up to send to local stores for sale.

They were mesmerized.

I love that something as simple as taking them to the donut shop can create a little memory for them, of a weekend spent having simple fun with Mom and Dad!


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