11 June 2013

During the Summer, I'm a Stranger to my DVR

There is just something about a good Cop Drama that gets me sucked in.

Every September, I am glued to the edge of my seat in anticipation, ready to see how they are going to start the seasons of my all-time favorite shows.

And recently, I noticed a trend: all of my favorite shows are cop shows.

With the exception of a few. But you know what? Those few are ones that I technically could live without, if I had to. Things like the sappy/melodramatic teenage shows on ABC Family. Reality TV. Greys Anatomy.

But I can't ... and won't ... live without my cop shows!

Hawaii Five O.


Blue Bloods.

I wait on pins and needles all summer long ... and once the season starts, I am borderline obsessed. So when the finales air, and summer is upon us, although it is a good break from the DVR, it's almost a little sad -- there isn't much on summer-wise that gets my that hooked.

Thankfully, Rookie Blue is still around. A few seasons in, and its the only real summer show that I *have* to watch!

What about you? What shows get you through the summer? Any trends in your tv lineup?


  1. I love cop shows too!!!! They are always some of the best.

  2. I am already BIG into that Mistress show on ABC, and The Bachelorette! There are a few good ones coming up that we'll DVR. We've been watching The Lookout (kind of a 20/20 ish undercover show- last week they did a mold investigation where they had experts look at a house and then called in some companies to see if they would swindle you, and of course, they did). There is nothing like the good fall shows though! Summer can be so boring when it comes to tv!