15 June 2013

Building Forts

Recently, I was looking for a way to entertain the kids while I got a little cleaning done.

So I dragged the kitchen chairs into the living room, covered it up with a bedsheet, and voila!, an instant kids fort.

They were so thrilled that they had a little space they could crawl into that was "their own", so to speak. And I made sure to keep an opening on one side, so they could lay in there and see the tv, if I turned on some cartoons.

But it became a hassle. Twice a day we were dragging furniture around. Setting things up. Taking things down. Cleaning up the epic pile of toys that seemed to grow with every new fort built.

So what do you do when your husband is prior military?!

You bust out old surplus gear, thats what!

We had an old military tent laying around that had never been opened. And figured, Why Not?! So the kids are breaking it in in the back of our living room this week! There's much more room inside for them to stand up, play, and have fun. And now, Mom and Dad can climb in and get in on the fun, too!