14 June 2013

A Mind of Her Own

We're driving down the road in our Hummer and S tells me she likes the Hummer still, but she really likes her new car. The new Optima that we bought just a couple weeks ago.

It's been stuck in her head ever since we bought it that it was hers, and I curse the salesman who jokingly asked her if it was while we were in the showroom.

But we're driving along, and she gets to talking about how Daddy is driving the car that day because boys are supposed to be the ones to drive.

I said, "Well ... Daddy drives a lot when we all go somewhere, that's true."

She told me that when they were down, her Papa drove everywhere, and her Mimi didn't drive either, so that was how she knew that boys did the driving.

So I asked her if her husband was going to drive their car around when she was a grown up.

"Nope. I'm going to be a grown up girl ... and I'm going to drive. He can just ... sit over there! And like it," she said, as she pointed to the passenger seat.

What a kid -- but at least I know she's growing up with a mind of her own! ; )