03 June 2013

5 for Five

What a fun weekend we had!

Saturday morning, we loaded the kids in the car, threw out suitcase in the trunk and made our way to Jacksonville.

We spent our time enjoying the beach, checking out the changes that have been made to base since we left in 2010, catching up with some old friends, and palling around town. It felt good {to me} to be back in the area. And the kids had a blast!


Last week's goals were:

1. Make reservations at the Base Inn for our night away at the beach this weekend. Well, funny story. We called one day to check availability and they said they had plenty of rooms. We should have booked while my husband was on the phone with them ... but he didn't have my card on hand. Called back the next day, and they had nothing available! Overnight! So we had to call around to a million places out in town, and pay quite a bit more for the single night we were in town, but we finally found a place to stay!

2. Declutter the kids bedrooms and the spare bathrooms

3. Read for 20 minutes a day. 2 days ... I only managed this 2 days!! And the book I'm reading is interesting, too. Grrrrrr.

4. Finish clearing out the DVR. Yea ... I got it quite taken care of, but not completely. Thankfully, I only have three shows recording right now [and one wraps up in a week] and then I'll add a few more once the summer shows start up. So it shouldn't be too crowded.

5. Make a list of things to do with the kids in our area [a summer bucket list]

3 out of 5, once again. Go figure -- the ones I never seem to take care of entirely are the ones that benefit me, and only me. My down time ... me-time. I need to find a way to focus a little more on my entertainment ... something that helps me relax! Hopefully this summer will do just that! 

Onto this week's goals: 

1. Finish stripping all the towels  - I did one batch last week, but have another to do. 
2. Sign up for the gym 
3. Read 20 minutes a day 
4. Finish the gift and mail out my L & E card. 
5. Take the kids for National Donut Day [June 7th] {and obstain myself!}

Looks like we have all our bases covered this week: home, health, self, family and a little extra, as well! Should be a pretty solid week! 

What are your goals this week? And remember to head over and link up with Jessica and Jenn!


  1. 3/5 isn't bad- not at all! It seems like you got some important stuff accomplished- decluttering? That's what I've gotta do this week! Good luck on your goals this week- I know that you can do it! Thanks for linking up with us! :)