17 May 2013

Visiting the Giant Horses with Red Bows

While my parents were down watching the kids for us, they happened to notice a display in the local Walmart advertising that the Budweiser Clydesdale's would be in town this week.

S, and L for that matter, got so excited. She loved just the display even, and had my Dad take a picture of her in front of the big horse. So of course, when I found out about it, I planned to take the kids.

Originally, the plan was to cook dinner early, eat a little earlier than usual, and load up to get to the Walmart. They were going to be there from 4-7pm and I wanted enough time to battle the crowd that I knew would be there, but still be home with plenty of time before their bedtimes.

That plan ... didn't work out the way I wanted it to.

M got home late from work last night. So late in fact, the kids and I had already eaten dinner and left so that we could get home at a decent time. Which means he wasn't able to come [and he was okay with that, after working a 10 hour day in 90 degree heat and sun!].

There were a ton of people there, but we slowly made our way to right in front of the horses.

I've seen them a few times, as recently as last July. But the kids have never seen them -- and they seemed in awe.

S loved them. She couldn't get over how big they were. And that they had red bows in their hair. In fact, the bows is what she mentioned more than anything else. She asked me a lot of questions -- why the horses kept shaking their heads. What were they doing? Where were they going when they left Walmart? Where were they going to sleep ... and why did they have to sleep?

Typical three year old questions ...

After taking her picture the best we could, we went in the store to get some water for M for work and paid at a different door, closer to where we parked.

The whole time we were leaving, S kept asking where the horses were, had they already left?! I pointed them out ... and I think she was a little sad that they were at a different door, and she couldn't stand and gaze at them anymore.

She really is a lover -- of old, and of animals. Such a gentle, old soul, that girl.

But I'm glad that I could make her night/day. Even if it was only for a few minutes!


  1. I love the Clydesdales they are amazing!