16 May 2013


According to my folks, the whole time M and I were gone on our cruise, the weather back here in NC was cool. So cool, my kids were in jeans and hooded sweatshirts when they picked us up at the airport. And I instantly regretted wearing shorts and a thin t-shirt.

But it looks like we brought the warm weather back to The States with us.

Since we got back, we've had one cooler, rainy day. And the rest of the time its been nothing but sunny and mid to upper 80s most days. Humid, at times, too.

So what did we do?

We busted out the little blow-up kiddie pool that I bought last year on clearance!!

I blew it up while the kids were napping, and as once they woke up, we headed outside, where I already had it filled with cold water. I was hoping the sun would do its thing and warm the water up, but yea -- that wasn't going to happen.

The kids were shocked by how cold the water was, and L didn't sit down in it completely, not even once. But they had a blast.

They kept running in and out of the pool. Squatting down so their butts barely touched the surface and then jumping up, shrieking in delight! Running around the yard and getting covered in grass, and then diving back into the pool to cool off again.

Eventually, they even put their little plastic lawn chairs into the pool, sat in those and just lounged with their feet cooling off, but the rest of their body out of water.

It was the best afternoon, and even after 1.5 hours in the direct, hot sun, NONE of us wanted to come inside. But ... dinner needed to be made. Baths needed to be run. And the house needed to be picked up. Oh well ... there's always tomorrow afternoon!


  1. That pool looks lovely, Ash! I'm thinking it's time to get Wyatt one, ecks!

  2. Pool days are amazing! :)

  3. It sounds like the kids had a great time. Kids are so good about swimming in cold water. I don't understand it but as long as they are having fun. That is all that matters!

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