20 May 2013

5 for Five

It's the start of another work week! And I am really hoping this week goes by a little faster than last week did. Am I the only one who thought the whole week seemed to drag on? Maybe it was because of the extra hours that M was working. He pulled in close to 8 hours of overtime this past week! 

I'm looking forward to this coming Memorial Day Weekend. We don't have a lot planned [yet] but just knowing its three days off in a row is going to be wonderful! 


Last week's goals were:

1. Head to the post office - it may have been Friday before I got there. But both envelopes got mailed out.

2. Get a copy of our dental insurance cards mailed or emailed to us from MetLife - I'm leaving this black. We called and made sure that the issues we were having with the insurance were ironed out. But also found out we don't need a card present. And the dentist's office has all of the information now, so we're good to go for my appointment later today. Not looking forward to that. I'm sure the chipped tooth is going to cause me to get a filling ... if not something more in depth.

3. Take S. out on her bike every day - I don't have a ton of excuse here. It just didn't happen. We went out one day. The other few days, we either didn't have the barn key to get it unlocked and the bike out, or it was just so darn hot that I filled the kids pool up and we hung out there all afternoon.

4. Order my mom's birthday present - stuck with the Etsy course and bought her something small-business-y. I love the necklace I got her, hopefully she agrees!

5. Make some covered magnets for a birthday gift - these got mailed out Friday!

Technically, I guess you could call that 3/5 ... or 4/5 ... Yea, I'll go with that. I did call the place ... so that was the actual task, right?!

Onto this week's goals:

1. Get Caught Up on Laundry 
2. Make Healthy Oatmeal Choc. Chip Cookies Recipe 
3. Start Decluttering the house [one room at a time]
4. Read at least 20 minutes a day [its a start ... lately I just feel like I have no time, but miss reading]
5. No more than 1 small glass of soda a day [Been doing a lot better -- starting to wean off any and all soda in a step to better/cleaning eating. But still have a ways to go!]

What are your goals this week? And remember to head over and link up with Jessica and Jenn!


  1. Mmm - love choc. chip oatmeal!! Send me some? aha.

    I need to read more as well - I love it but I never make enough time for it and I totally could!