08 May 2013

16 Months

Dear L

I cannot believe another month has flown by so fast! And what a month it was, for you!

We started off April celebrating Daddy's birthday -- and boy, did you love his cake. But then again, what food DON'T you love these days?! It seems like no matter what we are putting in front of you, you are inhaling! And not just a few bites, either. You're belly has become a bottomless pit! If this is any indication of what's to come in your teenage years, I think Daddy and I are BOTH going to need two jobs a piece to fuel the grocery budget!

You were sick shortly after that -- as well all came down with the stomach bug. But you really were a trooper. You only got sick once, in the middle of the night, and other than wanting some extra cuddles in the morning, by lunch time, you were ready to eat, and held food down with no problem. You got the least of the problems with that bug -- and I guess if we have to have it, that's the way to go! Within 12 hours, you were completely over it! And back to being my happy sweet boy!

Milestones?! Well, you really seemed to grow up, at least in mommy's eyes, this month. You completely weaned off breastmilk this past month. For the whole month, you were only nursing at bedtime ... and very occasionally, once in the middle of the night. It really was just a comfort thing for you, as I was just about dried up. But it still was sweet to sit together, in the near-dark, and snuggle, holding you so close and looking into those blue eyes of yours. It was our moment, after a long, hard day, to just be together. Quietly and calmly. Without any problems to interrupt from the outside world.

Clearly -- I think I miss it more than you. You have shown no issue with it -- and never ask for it. You have even walked in as I was getting dressed, and made no attempt to "steal a drink", like you had in the past. Such a big boy!

At the end of April, Mommy left you for the first time overnight. Although Daddy and I have gone out for [less than] a handful of dates, they were never more than a couple of hours in the evening, and always back home by your bedtime. However, this time -- it was 8 nights away from you and your sister, while we vacationed, and you stayed at home with Mimi and Papa. Although it broke my heart to walk out that door while you stood there, inside, watching and wondering, I knew you were going to be okay. And you did great! You slept through the night most of the nights, played, had fun, and loved on your grandparents.

But you clearly held a grudge. For the first few days of us being home, you weren't loving on Mommy NEARLY as much as you were before we left. You have liked being with Daddy -- sometimes preferring him to Mommy. Which breaks my heart just a little bit ... but makes me happy, at the same time. I love seeing the bond you two have grow!

My dear sweet boy! You are 16 months old ... and even though you think you are much bigger, you still know how to snuggle into mommy's lap for a story at bedtime. When you wrap those little arms around my neck, giving me the best little boy hugs ever, I melt. And those kisses you are giving away frequently? I cherish them! Never stop loving your Mama! I know I'll never stop loving you!



  1. So sweet! :) Precious boy.

  2. Love these little updates. It will be fun for you to look back on.