20 April 2013

Spring Is Finally Here!!


The weather here has been beautiful the past week or so.

And I finally got off my butt and bought a bag of sand for the kids' sand and water table. So Thursday, when I got around to washing the dirt off the table from last year, and filling it up with some sand, they were so excited!

They were even more excited to see me filling the other side with water.

Of course, L took it upon himself to grab more handfuls of sand than I can count and just dump them right into the water, turning it the muddiest color. S kept getting upset, and no matter what I tried, he just didn't understand the concept, so I let it go.

It was really warm out -- so I grabbed the hose and turned it on the kids. S loved it and ran around until she was soaking wet from head to toe. L wasn't quite sure what to think. He let me get him a little wet ... but after a few seconds of it, he had had enough and retreated back to the sand.

Eventually, we turned the hose off and went back to playing with the sand. L decided he had to get up close and personal, and climbed on top of the table to play, staying there until we went inside.

I am so happy the kids are loving the table -- and that we finally have warm weather to enjoy it!


  1. Haha how fun! They look like they are enjoying it. :)

  2. Sounds like a great day of playing. And the sand and water table sounds like a lot of fun!

  3. Such cute little ones! Can't wait to get my son a sand table!