19 April 2013

Friday Funnies

Only a few more hours until the weekend, folks!

The weekend has never been "traditional" for us, until recently. When M and I first got married, I was living here in town, and he was living in the barracks at Camp Lejeune, technically doing a geographic bachelor tour. We had the hardest time finding housing down there that we could afford, so with family up here, 2 hours away, it was the next best decision. I've always regretted/disliked it. But it's M's hometown. So I make the most of it.

Anyways ... for the first two years of our marriage, the weekends were our only time together. We had two days to squeeze EVERYTHING into -- anything we wanted to go and do, most of our conversations, errands. Any and every thing.

When he got out, he got the job he has now, but was on night shift. And had a bit of a different schedule. Two week block schedule. Some weeks, he worked 4 days, some he worked 3. And he worked a 3 day weekend, every other week. Weekends for us were non-existent. We just lived for the days that he wasn't working. Even if it was a Wednesday.

In March, he got promoted. And the promotion meant working Monday through Friday, 8 hours a day. The work is a little more physically active. He is the one guarding the inmates you see cleaning up garbage when you are driving down the highway. So he walks miles upon miles, daily, with a rifle slung over his shoulder. Not the most glamorous job ... but you know what?

I'm happy. Because it means we finally get to enjoy a normal weekend. We have Monday through Friday evening to talk and catch up, and come Saturday, we can go and do as a family. We don't feel rushed in two days, but we still GET our two full days together. And for that? I can't be happier!

[Now if we could just move closer to the beach ... but I'm working on that one!!]

Now onto this week's "funnies", courtesy of S.


*listening to the radio in the car*
S: Ohhh ... lemme listen to that song.
Me: You like that song?
S: Um Hmmmm .... its my sooooooong!
Me: Do you even know what song it is?
S: Duh! It's "Twenty Bucks in my Pocket!"
[It was Thriftshop by Macklemore, for the record!]

S: Mom, what does famous mean?
Me: It means that everyone knows who you are.
S: Oh, that's like me!
Me: !!!?


That kid! She is convinced that she was born to be a star. Whether she's prancing around in high heels, or trying to rule the world [one house at a time], she is a drama queen. A diva, in fact. She may only be three ... but she'll tell it like it is.

In fact, the other day she told me she was 3 ... "but really, mom ... it's like I'm 16!"

Oh, if only I could make this stuff up!


  1. Hahahaha oh that thriftshop song cracks me up.

  2. Thank GOD for the weekend! Love these ramblings! ...especially that she thinks she's famous! :)

  3. That's great about your husband's new job!!!

    And your daughter is hysterical!!!

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