23 April 2013

Orange Rhino Update

Yep -- bedhead and all ... but the kids were happy, I was happy. That's what matters the most! 

Almost a month ago now, I made a confession here.

I confessed to yelling too much. To letting the frustration build, hiding how I was really feeling from the kids, bottling it all up until I couldn't take it anymore. And then venting my frustrations towards them. 

I had recently discovered The Orange Rhino Challenge -- and knew it was my wake-up call. My goal was to completely cut out the yelling and raising my voice. To find other ways to get my frustration with my children across -- ways in which they could understand, without their feelings getting hurt. 

I haven't been counting the days ... some days are better than others. Lets just be honest. 

But I can say this: 

I can't remember full-on yelling, or the last time that it happened. I am getting a lot better about just letting situations ride themselves out. Letting the kids cry if they need to. 

Heck -- they need to vent frustrations just as much as I do. And just as I am learning that yelling is not the answer, they are still young. And eventually, they too will learn that crying is not a way to solve the problem. 

Until then, I take a deep breath, ignore it the best I can. And if push comes to shove, gently escort them to their room where they can kick and scream until their heart's content, and they are feeling better. At least behind their bedroom door, I don't have to hear or see it as much. 

We have our rough days ... many of them. Simply because kids are kids ... and mine are 1 and 3. I can't expect them to handle things the way that an adult would ... or even the way that 5 or 10 year old might. I have to give them their room to grow and learn. 

But I've also seen a few improvements. 

S doesn't slam her bedroom doors anymore. She still has a few choice words she mutters ... especially when she is overly frustrated. But I am hearing those less and less ... and she isn't YELLING those words, either. And although she is still rough with her brother [a little too rough, really ... but we're working on that!], she hasn't been really rough with me in awhile either. 

She has tried a couple times, but my hands are quick, and I've caught her and talked her down before it got too far and she wound up in time out. 

I will say this -- this challenge?! Best thing I could have found. I may not have a daily tally to brag about, a score to keep. But I have the evidence that I have seen. The proof that this is slowly working. And that we are all adjusting to a quieter home. 

That's all I can ask for.

And maybe next time I update on the challenge, I'll be able to brag about a certain number! 


  1. That awesome!!! :) So glad things are working.