12 April 2013

Friday Funnies

Whew -- what a yucky week around here.

Weather-wise, things were gorgeous. We got to play outside plenty, and really enjoy the onset of spring. Granted, this is North Carolina. So it went from 55 to 85 degrees over night, with little warning. But better not to complain, right?

The house came down with the sickies early in the week. First it was M and S that were stricken down. And within hours, I was a victim, as well. L slept through the night for the first time EVER Wednesday night -- so that should have been a clue. I had to wake him up after sleeping for 13 hours ... only to find him in a pile of sick. Poor guy. At least its left us just as quickly as it came!!

Onto the positive moments this week!


S: Mom, look. Those horses are silly. That big one is biting the little one.
Me: It is? Well, that is silly. Maybe she is scratching the little one, or something.
S: I bet she is giving the baby a haircut ... with her teeth.
Me: ... ?!

After more conversation about the horses ...

Me: S ... what does the horse say?
S: Giddy-up!!!


Such a silly little girl! Both of the kids have been loving the fact that our neighbors across the street added to their animal menagerie and got a horse and pony. L giggles whenever he sees them looking in his direction, and S gives me updates on them all day long. "Mom, that big one is laying down." "Look ... they are in their barn, hiding." "Oh goodness, the boy is taking the horse for a walk, mom! That's silly!" Some day, the novelty of these new animals will wear off ... but for now, I'm loving the sweet innocence that these conversations have, filling our house with laughs and sweet moments.