11 April 2013

A Change of Tastes ?!

[circa 2008]

Whenever we go out to eat, the scenario is always the same.

M and I sit down, get the kids to calm down and act like they have a LITTLE bit of sense when we are in public, and then we flip open the menus.

Within seconds, M is declaring he knows *EXACTLY* what he's going to get.

And 9 times out of 10, its the exact same thing he orders every time we go to wherever we are at. He's that type of person. He just sticks with what works, regardless of what it is, where we are, or what else is on the menu.

Ihop? The same omelette. Our favorite Thai place? The same curry in the same spice level with the same drink to wash it down. Even fast food joints. The same burger, side and soda. And at home? He's always asking for the same meals when I take requests [which isn't often anymore!!] -- he wants meatloaf. Plain and simple.

I am so the opposite. It takes me FOR-EV-ER to look over the menu and figure out which of the amazing dishes sounds *the most* amazing. When it comes, of course M samples a bite. And of course, he always says "Wow -- that is so good. I wish I had ordered that!!"

Sorry -- I'm not the good wife. I don't offer to trade. Because really - I can make steak fajitas at home. So why would I want to pay extra to eat them somewhere else?

But I was really [very happily] surprised we went out for his birthday to a great Mexican place in town. And you know what happened?

The birthday boy must be growing up. Because he didn't order the steak fajitas. He went outside his comfort zone just a little bit. Granted, it was a meal he *had* tasted before -- it's something I've ordered there in the past and let him try.

But it wasn't fajitas.

And ya know what? That's pretty awesome! Maybe my adventurous palate is rubbing off on him a bit? Just a little!

I wonder if I could convince him to drive up to Unaabi Grill in Cary -- they specialize in Afghan food. Sounds amazing, right?!


  1. If it's Mexican, Mac only orders enchiladas (though he does mix up the fillings). Every where else, he orders the buffalo chicken sandwich if they have it.

  2. I have gotten about better with expanding my horizons when it comes to food. Sometimes it's hard because you know that specific item is soo good haha.