02 April 2013

A Box Filled with Love

When you live away from home and family, there is nothing better than getting a package in the mail filled with little bits of love, right?

Last week, the kids were so excited to get up from naptime to find that Mimi and Papa [my parents] had sent them a care package for Easter.

They couldn't *wait* to rip into it and see what goodies they got!

Clearly, they were very happy. S was so thrilled she got some Doc McStuffins panties -- and so was I. I had never seen any, and its one of her absolute favorite shows. [Notice how it was on in the background?] I know these will be on the top of the rotation for awhile.

Funny enough -- L was pretty excited for these, too. He snatched the pack away, and didn't want to give it back.

They also fought over the hair elastics. Secretly, I think L just wants to do anything these days to cause a stir with his big sister. Especially since he turns around and giggles whenever it happens!

Those two!

But these kids are definitely loved, and spoiled, by family near and far!
So thank-you, Mimi and Papa, for sending a box filled to the brim with love, and for making their day!


  1. How sweet! It's fun to see little ones get so excited!

  2. Awh I love how excited they got about the package, how sweet! (: