22 April 2013

5 for Five

As always, the weekend came and went! 

Saturday, I got up and made some eggs and chorizo with tortillas for breakfast. M has been hounding me to do it for a long time now ... and I finally bought some chorizo from Walmart. It was so good - and of course our foodie 3 year old seemed to eat it all up! Why is it she'll eat things like this, or calamari, but won't touch preschool staples, like a pb & j ? 

We also checked out the Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall, which was visiting the local Community College! 

Sunday, we took the time to deep clean this house. My parents are coming in on Thursday -- and even at 26 years old ... I still feel the need to "clean my room" when they are coming. A day or two after, if it goes back to looking slightly cluttered and lived in, fine. They were here to witness the mess in the making. But before hand? It needs to be clean!! 


Last week, I had the following goals:

1. Clean. And it got done. I tidied here and there all week. Decluttered the kids rooms, cleaned up the bathrooms, emptied all the hidden garbage cans, got almost completely caught up on laundry. And then over the weekend, M and I did a good deep clean. We took all his clutter out of the living room and put it where it belonged. We really cleaned our bedroom, and both of the master bathrooms. I picked up the playroom and moved the recliner to the living room for the time being. Now to just keep it looking nice, at least until Thursday!

2. Get to the Post Office and mail my Cara Box Package. Sadly, I didn't get around to this. But it went out Saturday.

3. Shop Around Ahead of Time for Mom's Birthday Present. Her birthday isn't until the end of May, so I haven't bought it just yet. I probably will as soon as we get back from our trip -- so it has plenty of time to get here. But I found two of the cutest necklaces on Etsy. A birds nest with three eggs in it -- one for each of her three kids. Or a gold dipped leaf. Which ever one I choose, hopefully she'll like it!

4. Put Away all our Winter Clothes and Shoes. Granted, this took me until Friday at lunch time to get done ... but the kitchen looks so much better with only a few pair of sandals out there, and a pair or two of sneakers [or as M says, tennis shoes -- but I don't play tennis (to which he would ask, then where was I sneaking to?)]

5. Get Our Suitcases Out and Start Packing. Apparently everyone has their own idea of early. Before I could get them out early in the week, my mom texted and asked if I had started packing yet, and that she had for their trip down here, and she was going to finish up, for the most part, by this weekend. I got our suitcases out on Tuesday and started putting in our new clothes, bathing suits, and a few items for our carry on. M? He thought I was hysterical, and started laughing, asking me just HOW excited I was for the trip! As if he even needs to ask!!

4 out of 5 isn't too bad. Really, I could have had a solid week -- since I really could have gone to the post office on Friday afternoon ... but I didn't. I got "lazy" and sat on the couch during naptime, instead of wrapping and preparing the box to mail out. Either way, it finally got done.

Onto this week's goals:

1. Mail out L&E card. This will be done. Today. If you are reading this in the afternoon -- it's already done. I promise. And maybe I'll make a trip out of it, and swing by the drugstore soda counter to get the kids a treat! Orangeade, anyone!?

2. Head to the Health Food Store for a few items I need to can some pickles this week. I need a few spices -- and really, only small amounts. There is no point in buying a whole bottle of something that isn't going to get used otherwise and just letting it go bad. So at least here I can buy in small amounts. And while I'm there, I need to price check ghee, coconut oil, and 100% pure maple syrup. My mom is bringing me two quarts of local Grade A pure stuff ... but once that is gone, I need somewhere around here to get it. Hopefully, they carry it.

3. Finish all the laundry and pack what we will need EARLY IN THE WEEK. I don't want to be doing laundry on Friday night just so I can make sure I have enough underwear for the trip.

4. Make sure all my posts for while we are gone are drafted and scheduled. I've gotten a really good head-start on this ... and some fun stuff is planned. But I need to finalize everything.

5. Buy the couple last minute items I need for the trip. I need another SD card for the camera. Since we are not bringing the laptop with us, I'm worried about taking too many pictures, and not being able to upload them. So at least with a back up card, I can worry a little less. And I'd also like a small bag for our day trips -- something to put a wallet, camera and kindle in, if I feel like bringing them. In case we go to the beach, or something. Anyone ever been on a cruise? Is that even a smart choice when heading onto the islands [Dominican Republic, Curacao, Aruba and Turks and Caicos]?

What are your goals this week? And remember to head over and link up with Jessica and Jenn!


  1. 4/5 is awesome! Great job, friend! Good luck with all of your goals for this week, too! I'm with you on getting blog posts up and scheduled for when I'll be out of town! Have a great week!

  2. Hello! I'm here from the linkup. You had a fantastic week last week. Good luck on the laundry. :)

  3. Good job!! :) The post office always seems to be the last on my list, it's such a frustrating place haha.

  4. Great job on your goals from last week! Stopping by from 5 for Five! :)

  5. Four out of five is fabulous! Good luck with your week and have a fabulous time on your trip! (I'm stopping by from 5 for Five!)

  6. Great job last week! I am so jealous of your cruise, and I am also an early packer - I just get so excited!! I love your ideas for your mom's gift - those necklaces sound super cute. Thanks so much for linking up!!