01 April 2013

5 for Five

Happy Monday -- Hope everyone had a nice weekend!!

We had a three day weekend, and spent a good portion of it all together as a family. It was nice to be out and about, all four of us. Saturday, after getting a nice breakfast out as a family, we ran a few errands to get some last minute things for our cruise later this month. On the way home, we decided to stop at a friend's house to visit -- good thing. Their horse had gotten out and they needed M to help them find, and later corral, him to get it home. Phew! But it meant a lot of time outside in the sun, walking on the wooded trails behind their house, and the kids got to play in the dirt. A lot.

Sunday, we decided to get up and around, have Easter for the kids, and then go visit with M's Grandparents. It is always wonderful to see them -- they just love the kids so much. And S is such an old soul -- she curls right up with Grandma and they talk and read and talk some more like long lost friends of old! Its so sweet.


Last week, we had the following goals:

1. Cook All of our Meals at Home. I definitely made all of our dinners at home, and stuck almost entirely to our menu, too. We ate out for lunch at Wendys while we were running errands in town one day [and I was good and had a half salad!] and went out to breakfast as a family over the weekend. Otherwise -- all meals were had at home!

2. Cut Out All of L's Night Feedings. I'm leaving it black. While he is not completely night weaned -- we are successfully down to one feeding a night. He gets his bedtime feeding at 730pm ... and then has only been getting one more in the middle of the night. Regardless of how many times he wakes up. The other night, he was up almost every hour ... so you can probably see the frustration -- but I stuck to my guns, hugged him each time and just laid him back down. Slowly, we are getting there.

3. Read. Lots. I didn't get as much reading done as I would have liked ... but I did get a lot more than usual done. I started a new book and got almost 100 pages in. I continued to read to S every night before bed [except for one "bad apple" night ...] and I read to them both at bath time every night this week. S loves that her Mimi got the HighLights magazine subscription for her -- that's what we have been reading lately while they get scrubbed clean. And blogs are coming along ... slowly, but surely!!

4. No Yelling for One Week. We made it to a week. I've done a lot better about keeping my cool. Letting S just deal with her temper in her own way ... she is only three, after all. So there has been a lot of slamming doors, and some major dramatic melt downs from her. But I have yet to fly off the handlebars. We do have to take it a day at a time ... sometimes an hour at a time. But we are getting there.

5. Do AT LEAST One Craft Project. Not only did we do some fun Easter crafts this week, but I finally got my fabric in the mail from my mom, so I made a few covered buttons. I still need to buy the magnets to hot glue on the back so I can makeover my fridge. But the buttons are made. And I had a lot of fun doing it -- since I have a ton of vintage-y fabric to use, I need to buy some more cover buttons. Now I just need to paint my salad spoons!

4.5 out of 5. It was a pretty decent week!!

onto this week's goals:

1. Drink More Water. a few weeks ago, this was something i was focusing on with my weekly goals. and then ... well, then life just sort of got in the way. when i was thirsty, i just opened the fridge and got what was in there. and didn't think about getting a glass of water to go with it. this week ... i need to. no matter what i am drinking, i need to also drink at least one glass of water with it.

2. Make the Switch To Whole Grains. Completely. i stepped on the scale last week ... and was literally upset. almost to the point of tears. i need to do something about this. and it can't be a diet -- it needs to be a lifestyle change. so the first goal is to switch all of our grains over to whole grain. which shouldnt be too hard ... except for the brown rice. not sure how my husband will like that one.

3. Clean Out the Sand/Water Table. now that April is practically knocking at our door, the weather should start to improve around here. which will mean lots more time outside. and since the kids have been digging in the dirt under the barn's overhang ... i'm sure they would love to dig in the sand table. but it needs to be washed out from last summer, and filled with new, fresh sand.

4. Start Drafting Up Menus and Plans for my Parents. they will be watching the kids for the 8 days that we are on our cruise at the end of April. Although they know the kids well, some things are easier to just write down. S is old enough to voice what she prefers to eat. but L still is lacking, in that aspect.  so at least some guidelines of what he'll enjoy eating. bedtimes. bedtime routines. naptime routines. local places to go and addresses for the gps. that sort of thing.

5. And On That Note: Head to Base Legal For A Will. or at least something notarized stating that my parents are their guardians while we are out of state/country. and in case they should need medical care, the insurance information, and our permission to have them treated. i don't foresee anything bad happening, but you can never be too prepared. and since we've never even left the kids overnight before ... we're new at this "covering all our bases" thing.

what are your goals this week? and remember to head over and link up with Jessica and Jenn!


  1. I seriously need to start drinking more water but I love my Coke and sweet tea!

  2. Now, that is being prepared!
    I need to be better about drinking more water, too. I've gotten bad about that!