27 March 2013

Make New Friends

why is it so much harder, as adults, to make friends than it was when we were kids?

my daughter can see a group of kids playing at the play center, and within minutes, she has thrown herself into the middle of everything, and they all are playing like they've been friends forever. there is no clique ... no hemming and hawing. They just play.

why can't grown ups have it that easy?

all I know is that I really wish i had it as easy as my kids when it comes to making friends. wouldn't it be nice if they had a grown-up playground?

how do you make new friends? especially if you are living somewhere that you didn't grow up?


  1. Growing up an Air Force brat, I constantly had to make new friends. I think it's much harder making friends as a military wife without kids, just because I don't have a lot of social interaction.

  2. Ooooo my friend. I'm posting about something SO similar next week when I guest post. When we moved to Ohio it was so hard to make friends. I worked from home which didn't help my case, but ultimately a couple years in now have made friends. I'd join groups! Were you in a sorority? Is there a local blog group where you live? What about a college alumni association? If none of those, just strike up conversations at the mall play places! :)

    Also, wanted to invite you to our Easter Basket Showcase link party tomorrow! I'd love to see what's in S and L's baskets this year. Hope you'll join! :)

  3. I think it's one of the marvels of childhood isn't it?

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