08 March 2013

Friday Funnies!

It's Friday!

It's been a trying week around here. Truly -- its the battle of wills between a three year old and Mom. She's convinced that quiet time in her room is a game ... and I'm convinced that she should nap until she's 15! [Okay ... maybe not. But still ... three is *not* too old for a nap, people!]

So we've been going back and forth with figuring out what to do about the situation and how to deal. By midafternoon, S. is a bear, and this Mommy is worn out! Me-time lately? Non-existant.

But at least she was cute this week, in between being a total pain in the butt! ; ]


Trying to hide in Mommy and Daddy's Laundry Hamper with L.

S. - My bathroom door is locked. I did it. Isn't that cute? 
Me - No ... not cute. Not cute at all, kiddo.
S. - But *I'm* cute ... so who cares? 

She thought everyone would want to see her backside! 

Me. - *sings the Doc McStuffins song*
S. - No No No! Don't sing. You can't sing this song. Stop singing!
Me - But why can't I sing this song?
S. - Just ... No. You can't. .... Are you happy? 
Me - Can I sing now?
S. - No. You. Can. Not. 
Me - Then no, I'm not happy! 


Here's to hoping that next week gets better. That maybe this revolting is her way of saying she's trying to get used to Daddy working five days a week now, even if he does get home earlier. I'm almost to the point of bribery and begging ... and maybe a little groveling?! Pathetic, I know ... but I need things to go back to normal around here. At least first thing in the morning. 6am company isn't welcome in my book ... at least not of the three year old chatterbox variety! 


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