08 March 2013

$5 Craft Swap

Back in January, April at Marine-Parents held a $5 Pinterest-inspired craft swap. And since I was looking for any excuse to get me back into doing something crafty, no matter how big or small, I knew I had to jump on board.

I got partnered up with a super nice Marine Wife named Kayla over at The Kentucky Gal.

When I got my package in the mail, to say I was like a little school girl was an understatement. I mean, who *doesn't* like to get fun mail? I couldn't wait to open it up!

She sent the cutest red and white heart infinity scarf! And it was just in time for Valentines Day, as well! We didn't have any plans to go out anywhere ... but I wore it around the house all day -- when my 3 year old wasn't begging me to take it off so she could play dress up with it!

And I loved the little card that came with it -- I'll be honest, I've since repurposed the card as well. It was too cute not to use. So I have plans to frame it -- that little birdie told me he needed a home on my walls! And it was just the right touch of sweet/vintage feel that I love!

I'm definitely looking forward to future craft swaps! This one was so much fun! Stop on by Marine Parents to see what other crafters made and received!


  1. That scarf is wicked cute! I think a craft swap is an awesome idea. I've never heard of one and I am so not crafty enough to ever participate in one, but I do love getting stuff in the mail like that, too :)

  2. what a fun swap!! i love that you can wear your scarf as often as you want & it's not just a one time craft thing ;)

    1. Agree! It will be nice if I can pry it away from my princess! : ]