27 February 2013

Putting a stop to the Couch Potato mentality

Imagine if you will:

You wake up, eat a warm breakfast of cheese grits, toast and fresh fruit. Your belly is full. The sun is shining outside. You have no major plans for the day. What do you find yourself doing?

Laying back on the couch, zoned out of the moment and into the tv.

For hours. As long as someone would let you.

Then imagine, again, if you will, that this "you" I'm actually speaking about ... is my 3 year old! And it's been driving me absolutely craaaaaazy!

I've been working really hard to make sure the kids aren't bored. Plenty of activities around the house, organized and free play, arts and crafts and little projects. Errands to run, as well.

But this girl -- she knows how to turn on the tv. She has yet to figure out how to use the remote and change the channel, so when I can think ahead, I make sure I change it to a channel WITHOUT fun cartoon shows that she would enjoy.

When she asks me to change the channel, I deny her request. Quite obviously, she gets a little perturbed, but at least she gets up and turns the tv off before putting in her next request -- usually going outside, or playing play-doh.

Both of which I much prefer.

It's not to say that I don't let her watch any tv -- she loves Doc McStuffins and Sophia the First, both of which are cute shows that ignite her imagination. She dances around after like a princess, or pretends she is a doctor to her stuffed animals.

And her little brother.

But I just can't help getting annoyed, looking in on her when she seems to be in such a trance. It's not the kind of child I want to raise. The couch potato.

Next week, I take the first step to hopefully quell some of this behavior. I am calling DirecTV and having them come pick up the cable box that is hooked up in the playroom. Not only will it happily cut down on the cable bill ... but now she will have no excuse but to play.

And play.

And play.

There is always the tv in the livingroom ... but with almost NO toys in there, I don't see her changing up her common location in the house just for the tv.

At least that's my hope.

Anyone else deal with a child who wants to veg out in front of the tv? How did you break the habit?! Early intervention is key, in my opinion. At least ... I can hope!


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