26 February 2013

Disney Movie Club

I remember, as a kid, watching my Dad get the mail every day. And I always got so excited when it was a movie club. Sometimes, the feature that month would be something for kids -- and he would always ask if it was a movie I liked.

If it was, we got it [usually]. And I would spend hours watching and re-watching the movie until I couldn't stand it anymore.

Even if the movie wasn't anything we wanted, there were tons of movies offered, and a booklet that came to look through. I would grab that piece of mail up, run to the recliner in the living room, and spend an hour just looking at all the fun movies. The ones I had seen and loved. The ones that were too grown-up for my little eyes. The ones with cute boys on the front.

[Hey -- give me a break. I was probably six, and completely boy-crazy already!!]

I knew when I had S. that eventually, I would join a movie club myself. Maybe she would, as I did, enjoy just flipping through the catalog each month, getting excited that she might be able to pick out something herself. And then watch her anticipation as the day arrived when her movie finally came in the mail.

So the other day, I did it.

I bit the bullet and finally joined The Disney Movie Club. I had seen a few ads in kids magazines, and had a special code from inside an older movie the kids already have, so I figured I might as well check it out. And I was hooked -- once again, I felt like that little kid. There were so many good movies: ones from my own childhood that I can't wait to introduce our kids to! Current movies fresh out of the theater. And even some that are geared toward adults -- Avengers, anyone?!

It took me so long to narrow down my first order to the five initial movies you can purchase for $1. [Yes, $1 total for 5 dvds?! I'm game. And I only have to buy 4 more over the next two years!! Heck, I can do that in just one holiday season with two kids!!] [And right now, if you click the link above, you, too, can get 5 movies for $1 by signing up -- and only have to purchase another 4 movies at regular price over two years!!]

One of the movies is going in L.'s Easter basket [The Fox and the Hound] because I had bought a copy of Charlotte's Web for S.'s basket and want to balance it out. But the rest will be put away -- for a rainy day, another holiday. Whatever might come.

But I look forward to years of fun with Disney Movie parties, the kids curled up next to me on the couch with drinks and popcorn. Relaxing together, as a family. Sometimes, the best fun can be had in the comfort of your own home!!

This expressed opinion is solely my own. The Disney Movie Club has no idea who I am; they did not contact me. Its not a review. I just really love their movies!! 


  1. Who would have known they even had adult movies too! That's pretty awesome. What a great Easter gift. :)

  2. I need to check this out! We are always looking for new movies! And that deal cannot be beat!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

    1. I figured with 5 movies for $1 they would maybe charge some crazy shipping fees ... but nope! Nothing. $1 came out of my account. I was so impressed! And really ... 4 movies in 2 years is totally do-able!! I'm excited!