01 February 2013

Amazon ... You are NOT my friend, right now!!

I have always loved Amazon.

The variety of items at your fingertips. The ease with which you can navigate the site. The perks of having a Prime membership -- that free shipping, at least in our house, more than makes up for the cost of the yearly fee.

I do so much of our shopping there. Monthly subscriptions for diapers are my favorite. I dont ever have to remember to buy the diapers ... and very rarely am I running to the store last minute because we've just used the last diaper and don't have any more on hand. The prices [usually] can't be beat, either.

But yesterday ... I encountered my first gripe.

I was trying to order L. [our youngest Pup] a new sippy cup. As a baby, he never took a bottle or pacifier ... flat out refused BOTH. Which seems to be a trend with him. And now he is refusing to drink out of every kind of sippy cup I can find. I've tried the hard spouts, the gummy spouts, the straws. No spills. Spills. Big cups, little cups, in between. Just about every brand you can think of. And when I saw him walking around playing with his sister's doll toys and baby bottles, I even tried a bottle for him. Still nothing.

The only way I can get him to drink anything, besides the boob, is to use my finger on a straw, trapping the liquid inside, and feed him, almost like a baby bird. Which is fine for a few drinks ... but imagine doing that for an entire cup of milk?! It would take forever for him to drink it all!!

I'm getting worried that once I wean him off breastmilk in a month or so, he'll be so thirsty.

So I had found these cups on Amazon that are intended to transition a child to drinking from a regular cup, with minimal spills. Since L. loves to drink out of my glass, I thought this might work.

Clicked it. Added it to my cart ... and proceeded to checkout. Where I hit my snag.

Apparently, you cannot purchase JUST this cup. Even if you pay for a membership to their site yearly, and have a card on file and want to pay for the purchase. You cant. Just cant.

Because they deem it an "add-on" item. Which means that you have to spend $25 on OTHER things, and THEN you can buy the cup. And pay for it. Apparently, its a new program they are trying out, on small items that are hurting them, profit wise, by shipping on their own.

I am seriously peeved right now. I guess I'll have to check town today and see if they have it in any stores before I spend more money than I needed to.

First time you've let me down, Amazon ... lets no make this a frequent occurrence, please!


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