30 January 2013

Dinner Conversations

Over dinner this evening, my daughter innocently told me "Mommy, I don't love you!"

She was so sweet and silly about it ... but matter of fact. And straight faced. It didn't bother me -- I knew she wasn't angry about anything and lashing out. She didn't really not love me. And she also is too young to realize the gravity of the words she had just spoken.

I asked her why she didn't love me.

"Well ... I just don't love you. That's all."

So I told her I wasn't going to be buying anymore ice cream ... that I don't buy yummy treats for little girls who don't love their mommies, or for anyone that doesn't love me, in fact.

She quickly changed her mind and stated she was kidding, that in fact she DID love me. Which she kept repeating.

Ice cream. Such a heavy influencer.

Afterwards, I asked her if she loved me because I buy her ice cream ... or for some other reason.

She told me "some other reason" so I asked her what that reason was.

"Well ... I love you because you're my Mommy ... duh!!!"

Of course ... because shouldn't I know that, right?! I'm her Mommy. So she DOES love me. And obviously, I did know that ... but it just was so cute and sweet and completely hysterical, with the "duh" added for emphasis.

And after a really long, hard "mommy wishes she could get a little break" kind of day ... it was exactly what I needed as I sat at the dinner table, eating a less-than-healthy, slightly over-cooked meal.

EXACTLY what I needed.


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